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Working with GridGain

From what I understand about GridGain, basically, you have to identify a task (called GridTask) that can be split up and the splits (called GridJobs) can then be thrown on to multiple machines (called GridNodes). The original task (the one that we split up), can wait for the results of all the GridJobs and once they are ready it can combine them and return the final output. This requires a fair amount of code change (as compared to Terracotta) if you already have something running that you want to run on multiple machines. Of course, in Terracotta you would probably spend that time in configuration instead of java code changes. So, I believe, in terms of amount of efforts, there isn’t much difference.

Based on this understanding, I am still trying to figure out how to make use of GridGain in our Producer-consumer scenario. It was fairly intuitive to do on Terracotta but I am not yet sure how to proceed with GridGain. May be this scenario is more suitable for Terracotta.

Let’s see…

September 27, 2007 Posted by | Java | 1 Comment